Pay Chapter Dues

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Membership:
Dues are $50 upon joining (includes a polo shirt) and $25 yearly thereafter. All members must be a NOBLE National Member upon joining the San Francisco Bay Area NOBLE Chapter. Anyone can join NOBLE! We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, religions, and professions. Membership is open to law enforcement professionals of all ranks, however you do not need to be a member of law enforcement in order to join. Our members come from various law enforcement agencies, the public as well as the private sector. NOBLE welcomes everybody and every entity that shares our vision and supports our mission.
To join our chapter:
1. Fill out the chapter membership application
2. Hit “pay chapter dues”
3. Choose the “new member” dues ($50)
4. Make payment.

SF Bay Area Chapter-NOBLE-Bylaws

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NOBLE National Membership:

Reminder to all Members, please designate SF Bay Area Chapter as “Chapter Affiliation

Regular Membership:
Law enforcement individuals above the rank of Lieutenant and federal government law enforcement individuals with a grade above GS-13.
Regular member dues are $150.00 annually

Associate Membership:
Law enforcement individuals below the rank of Lieutenant, criminal justice educators, and federal government law enforcement individuals with a grade below GS-13. Associate Member Dues are $100 annually.

Supporting Membership:
Security officers, civilian employees, community supporters and other non-sworn individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE. Supporting Membership Dues are $55 annually.

Sustaining Membership:
Corporations, organizations or individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE. Sustaining Membership Dues are $525 annually.

Life Membership:
Life memberships are bestowed by the Executive Board upon members who have at least 20 years of continuous service and have remained financial with the organization throughout their tenure.

Life members receive a special membership card, a special Life Members pocket insert, special seating at NOBLE events and are invited to the Past Presidents’ and Life Members’ Luncheon at the National Conference.

Regular Life Members – $1,525 Associate and Supporting Life Members – $1,095

Constitution and Bylaws

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NOBLE National Membership Application

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